Fig Love

Life without figs would be heartbreaking.  I’ve been eating fresh figs at the end of each summer for as long as I can remember.  After all these years, I’ve become well acquainted with the two types of figs in my garden.  The fig on the left has a mellow, honey flavor, while the one on the right has […]

Concord Grape Pie

Two summers ago was the first time I baked and tasted grape pie.  I followed a recipe in the Sept. 2008 issue of Bonappetit  to make use of the Concord grapes that grow in my backyard.   Click here for the recipe: I’m lucky to have my own supply of Concord grapes, since they aren’t so popular in supermarkets.   The pie recipe […]

Garlic Harvest

My Dad and I are excited about the garlic he harvested from the garden, which I like to call “the jungle” because it’s a little wild!    He asked me to braid the long ends to keep them together for the drying process.  I attempted to do so, but with no prior knowledge of garlic braiding I was unsuccessful.  So, […]