Peach Cobbler Update

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 11:13 pm

In August, I posted a recipe for Peach Cobbler.  It was based on a recipe card that my mother had on file for many years.  I shared it with you because the recipe always yielded a good cobbler.  However, soon after publishing the recipe, I realized that the recipe was not completely a Delicious Discovery.  I thought the method was too fussy for a cobbler and I thought it could use a little more dough on top. 

So, for about a month, I’ve been working on the Peach Cobbler and have updated the August 24th, 2010 post with my own recipe.  Peaches still abound in the market, so try my recipe for a not-too-sweet Peach Cobbler with warm, soft fruit and a crunchy topping.

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