A couple of tropical fruits

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying the warm weather of the Philippines and many of the sweet flavors of the tropics. There I was introduced to a new fruit – Chico

When I first tasted Chico, I was surprised by its slightly granular texture and wasn’t sure that I wanted to continue eating it. However, I took another bite and delighted in its unique flavor – a combination of ripe pear and brown sugar. I liked it so much that I encouraged my sister to try one!

I also had the opportunity to taste fresh Jackfruit for the first time. Any time I’ve eaten Jackfruit in New York, I’ve had it coated in syrup from a can or a jar. I always liked it, but I knew Jackfruit would even be better fresh. So when I saw the large fruit being sold at a roadside fruit stand, I bought a piece of it. When I got it to the hotel, my mom and my aunt helped to remove the yellow flesh from the seeds.

This Jackfruit had a slightly crisp texture with a flavor that some people describe as banana-like. I enjoyed the fresh fruit, but what I liked even more were Jackfruit chips! They were crunchy, light, sweet, and not at all oily. Here’s a link to the fruit chips that I tasted in the Philippines: 


They’re expensive to order on Amazon.com! One day, preferably when it’s not snowing, I’ll hunt for them in Chinatown so that I can taste them again and share them with friends.

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