Yogurt Praise!

So, I’ve been extremely busy for the last 4 months as a dietetic intern. My experience working in the hospital has been wonderful so far, but my culinary creativity has suffered somewhat. I realized that my cooking is mostly inspired by the people I love, but they are home in NYC. Grocery shopping here is also not as great as it is in NYC. I miss the overflowing variety! But today, I found a fairly new grocery store that made me feel more like I was at home. There was an assortment of foods at this market that made me feel that I might discover something exciting and new.

Cascade Fresh yogurt grabbed my attention at 89 cents for every 6 oz. cup. After looking over the ingredients and nutrition facts, I happily welcomed the yogurt into my shopping basket.  I applaud Cascade Fresh for making yogurt with only about 16g sugar per container of fat free yogurt. They use fruit juice to sweeten their yogurt and are able to create a product with much less sugar than most yogurts, which have about 26g sugar.

The first flavor that I’ve enjoyed has been Green Apple Pie. If Cascade Fresh is not available where you shop, but you also want to lower your intake of added sugar from yogurt, try mixing plain yogurt with flavored yogurt. I was doing that for years. For more information, check out http://cascadefresh.com/.


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